Kiloutou speeds up its environmental transformation

Kiloutou speeds up its environmental transformation

  • Equipment rental specialist and engaged in a CSR policy since 2014, Kiloutou announces the implementation of a new environmental strategy aiming to reduce by 40% its direct emissions of CO2 by 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality in 2050.
  • This environmental strategy is built around three priority fields: agencies, the delivery fleet and the equipment itself.
  • In view of the climate emergency, Kiloutou completes this environmental strategy by launching an initiative with an environmental, societal and territorial impact.
  • All of these actions are particularly related to the forthcoming implementation of the environmental regulations 2020 which will apply to the construction of new buildings in the course of 2021 and which must result in the setting up of eco-building sites.

Olivier COLLEAU, CEO of Kiloutou said: “Since its creation, Kiloutou reconciles economy, environment and people. The equipment rental business, based on resources balancing, is fully anchored in the economy of sharing and durability. From an economic and ecological point of view, this model is virtuous since renting makes it possible to reduce the carbon emissions of leased equipment by up to 50% compared to owned equipment over its entire lifecycle. Our Group is now committed to carbon neutrality by 2050 through an unprecedented environmental strategy. However, to win this battle against climate change, we also need to find new solutions collectively with our employees, our clients, our suppliers, public and private ordering parties, scientists, local elected representatives and NGOs. This is the meaning of the environmental, societal and territorial impact initiative that we are launching and which will lead us to exchange with our stakeholders in order to complete our environmental strategy in the coming months.

Kiloutou, committed to the fight against climate change since 2010

Since 2010, Kiloutou has conducted a carbon footprint assessment of its customer rentals aiming to inform them and make them aware of the emissions generated by the use of the equipment. From 2014 onwards, the Group has formalised an CSR policy with a particularly ambitious environmental action plan for the three sectors of its activities which emit the most CO2: transports, equipment and agencies. In 2030, the Group is aiming for a 40% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to 2018, on the scope of direct impacts (Kiloutou activities).

*Étude SGS Search / Climate Neutral Group / CE Delft, juin 2019

Deployment of an environmental strategy to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050

To meet these objectives, Kiloutou defined an environmental strategy which aims to reduce the carbon footprint of its direct activities (transports and agencies) and indirect activities (the use of its equipment).

Transports (Fleet dedicated to the delivery of equipment and commercial vehicles)

  • Acceleration of the renewal of the heavy goods vehicle fleet dedicated to equipment deliveries using alternative energy vehicles (Liquefied Natural Gas, Compressed Natural Gas). Today, 27 heavy goods vehicles form this fleet.
  • Integration of vans running on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) for deliveries of small equipment. To date, 23 CNG vans are in operation.
  • Deliveries of the last kilometer, carried out by bike and electric motorised trailer for small equipment (experiment currently conducted in the city of Marseille).
  • Progressive renewal of the commercial fleet by hybrid and electric cars. Today, this fleet comprises 22 vehicles.
  • Objective: to replace, within five years, 100% of light vehicles by alternative vehicles.


• Acceleration of the renovating program and the construction of agencies to meet the reglementary energetic and environmental demands: choices of solutions promoting the control of energy consumption and more respectful of the environment (recovery of roof water to wash the equipment, LED lighting in all the agencies, wooden cladding, green roofs…).

• Objective: to decrease by 40% the overall energetic consumption of agencies by 2030.


  • Evolution towards alternative energy materials. In France, 37% of the earthmoving and lifting equipment offered by Kiloutou is already operating with more responsible energies sources (hybrid, bi-energy, electric and Stage V).
  • Anticipation of the Stage V regulation effective in 2021 by the integration from 2020 of nearly 1,500 Stage V equipment, spread across the 5 countries where the Groupe is present.
  • Deployment of a preventive maintenance program to anticipate the breakdowns and increase the lifespan of the equipment thanks to unprecedented industrial methods. For example, this program extends the lifespan of excavators by 2 years.
  • Accompaniment of the construction and public works actors in their low-carbon strategy by analysing the carbon emissions of leased equipment and co-construction of more virtuous solutions.
  • Launch of a range of products which brins together more than 3000 alternative equipment in France to help construction and public works actors in their low-carbon policy.

In addition to this action plan, the Group is also working on pilot projects which will enable to progressively reduce indirect emissions from the company’s activities:

  • The exploitation of energy sources of the future such as hydrogen for the generators or powering heavy goods vehicles for equipment delivery.
  • The massive integration of telematics into equipment, making it possible to carry out predictive maintenance actions and increase the benefits in terms of sustainable development: optimisation of equipment uses and use times, reduction of fuel consumption by reducing idling times.
  • The development of an equipment co-location service between different companies situated on the same site, reducing therefore the equipment transport.

The elaboration of an environmental, societal and territorial impact approach

In addition to this environmental strategy, Kiloutou has decided to open up an initiative with an environmental, societal and territorial impact. It aims to go further in identifying a panorama of solutions enabling the company to reduce its impact on its direct and indirect activities.

Kiloutou identified four key themes which are at the heart of its commitments but on which it wishes to consult and engage collectively with its stakeholders in the months to come.

• Key player in the sharing economy, the Group aims to define and promote a model of the sharing economy with impact through its equipment rental activity.
• Through these consultations, the company wishes to broaden and share its action plan to aim for carbon neutrality with new solutions and new collaborations.
• Established throughout the country, Kiloutou will develop a territorial impact policy in order to track initiatives in the field and take collaborators on board.
• Finally, in view of its history, the company will enrich and promote its business model which places people at the heart of its development.

In order to carry out this process Olivier COLLEAU, CEO of Kiloutou will meet the natural stakeholders of the company (employees, clients, suppliers, professional federations, ordering parties) but also experts (CEOs, the State, local representatives, NGOs, scientist, researchers, …).
This initiative must lead to the definition of objectives which will be measured through new impact indicators, an environmental, societal and territorial impact action plan which will complete the environmental strategy and on the update of the Kiloutou Group’s mission to reflect more closely the Group’s utility.

About Kiloutou

The 3rd largest European rental company and a major player in equipment rental in France, Kiloutou has been reconciling economics, environment and people for more than 40 years by offering the most innovative solutions to an increasingly diversified customer base: building and public works companies, craftsmen, SMEs, local authorities and industries. The Group has built its development on the skills of its 6,000-strong team, and serves more than 300,000 customers in five countries across Europe: France, Poland, Italy, Spain and Germany., the Kiloutou network included 505 branches (on December 31, 2020), offering the most extensive range on the market with more than 1,000 products and over 250,000 items of equipment divided into four main product families: earth-moving, lifting, utility vehicles and tools.


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