Kiloutou develops its activities in Spain with the acquisition of the Diaz-Miquelez group

Kiloutou develops its activities in Spain with the acquisition of the Diaz-Miquelez group

The Kiloutou group is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Spanish general equipment rental group Diaz-Miquelez from its current owners Mr Juan Diaz and Mr Jorge Miquelez. This operation enables Kiloutou Spain to reinforce its network in the Northern part of Spain with a new strong position in La Rioja region.

Established in 1993, Diaz-Miquelez is the leading general equipment and scaffolding rental player in the city of Logrono, in the heart of the strategic region of La Rioja. With its 4 branches and depots around the city, the company and its team of 35 employees operates more than 900 pieces of rental equipment and offers bespoke services of large scaffolding projects as well as a complete choice of hardware consumables. The customer portfolio is made up of professionals from various industries that benefit from direct delivery or pick-up services at the local shop.

Following on from the acquisition of 4 companies in Spain since 2015, this new acquisition enables Kiloutou to continue the setting of its national coverage of the Spanish market with the integration of local leaders. The branches and the team of Diaz-Miquelez will join the network of 20 branches and 186 employees of Kiloutou Spain with a change of commercial brand within the following months.

For Olivier Colleau, Executive President of the Kiloutou Group : “The acquisition of Diaz-Miquelez demonstrates Kiloutou’s commitment to the Spanish rental market and is fully in line with Kiloutou’s development strategy in the country, which aims at increasing our geographical coverage in high potential new areas. It illustrates once again our ability to federate quality regional stakeholders with a strong local presence around our development project. I would like to warmly welcome the 35 team members from Diaz Miquelez into the Kiloutou group. “

Jorge Miquelez, co-owner and co-Managing Director of the Diaz Miquelez Group, said : “I am delighted about the acquisition of our rental equipment and scaffolding group by Kiloutou. Our groups share mutual expertise and common ambition to continuously improve the services we provide to our customers. The handover will enable our teams to contribute to the growth of the Kiloutou group with our strong knowledge of the high potential market of La Rioja. I personally believe in the Kiloutou development project on the Spanish market and I am pleased to support it by continuing to further develop our commercial presence in the region and by supervising the transformation of our company which will benefit from new investments, services and resources”.

This move is part of the Kiloutou’ Group’s active campaign to boost development, through regular organic growth and the continuing pursuit of external growth. Internationally, it is an extension of the development strategy undertaken in Poland, Spain, Italy and Germany over the past years.

About Kiloutou

The 3rd largest European rental company and a major player in equipment rental in France, Kiloutou has been reconciling economics, environment and people for more than 40 years by offering the most innovative solutions to an increasingly diversified customer base: building and public works companies, craftsmen, SMEs, local authorities and industries. The Group has built its development on the skills of its 6,000-strong team, and serves more than 300,000 customers in five countries across Europe: France, Poland, Italy, Spain and Germany., the Kiloutou network included 505 branches (on December 31, 2020), offering the most extensive range on the market with more than 1,000 products and over 250,000 items of equipment divided into four main product families: earth-moving, lifting, utility vehicles and tools.


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