Kiloutou ends 2022 by accelerating its acquisitions strategy in Europe

Kiloutou ends 2022 by accelerating its acquisitions strategy in Europe

The Kiloutou group is announcing two new acquisitions in France and Italy that expand both its skills base and its geographical coverage. By acquiring Jamart Location Modulaire, Kiloutou Module is becoming one of France’s leading independent players in the modular space rental market. At the same time, Kiloutou which has been increasing its coverage of Northern Italy in recent years, is boosting the momentum of that expansion by acquiring Italian rental company Aerotecnica.


In 7 years, and through regular organic growth and a dynamic external growth strategy, the Kiloutou Module subsidiary, created through the acquisition of AKMO in 2015, has become a major player in France’s modular space rental market.

The acquisition of Jamart Location Modulaire, which specialises in modular space, bolsters the expertise of both Kiloutou and its dedicated subsidiary in this area. Kiloutou Module already operated in most regions of France, and the three new branches acquired in Northern and Eastern France will further strengthen its presence. Kiloutou Module now covers almost all of France, with 12 branches focusing on both rentals and sales and managing 23,000 modular space in total.

This is a transformative acquisition for the subsidiary’s operations in France, and one that also fits with the Group’s overall strategy. Kiloutou has recently moved into Portugal and Denmark by acquiring Grupo Vendap and GSV, which are leaders in their respective modular space markets and are thus contributing to the Group’s expertise and experience in this area.


To diversify its offering further and increase the coverage of its network, the Kiloutou group has a strategy of developing its operations in countries in which it already operates.

After Kiloutou’s Danish subsidiary GSV acquired Holbæk Lift in September, Kiloutou is now increasing its geographical coverage in the country, and particularly in Tuscany, by acquiring Aerotecnica. This fourth acquisition in Italy allows the Group to continue to expand its network to the Mediterranean coast, bringing it to 25 branches and 250 team members.

Testimonial by Olivier Colleau
“Our Group has recently made some transformative moves as regards acquisitions. In 2022, we have entered into two new European markets: Denmark in April and Portugal in early November. And we are ending the year with two further acquisitions that bolster our presence in business segments offering strong potential. I would like to warmly welcome the Jamart Location Modulaire and Aerotecnica team members to the Kiloutou group.”
Olivier Colleau
CEO of the Kiloutou group

Kiloutou has been owned by HLD and Dentressangle since 2018, and is growing rapidly through steady organic growth and a dynamic acquisitions policy. The Group now operates in France, Poland, Spain, Italy, Germany, Denmark and Portugal.

About the Kiloutou Group

Kiloutou, Europe’s third-largest generalist equipment rental company in Europe and a major player in the sector in France, has for over 40 years combined economic performance with environmental and human values to promote the most innovative solutions for an increasingly diversified customer base: construction and civil engineering companies, independent tradesmen, SMEs, local authorities, and industry. For its development, the Kiloutou Group relies on the expertise of more than 6,500 team members serving over 400,000 customers in seven countries across Europe, in France, Poland, Italy, Spain, Germany, Denmark (GSV) and following the acquisition of Grupo Vendap, Portugal. The Kiloutou Group network consists of 570 branches and fields the largest equipment range in the market, with over 1,000 product references and more than 265,000 pieces of equipment (excluding accessories) in four main product categories: earthmoving, access, utility vehicles and tools and light equipment. -

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