Kiloutou is strengthening its low-carbon policy

Kiloutou is strengthening its low-carbon policy

Because delivering equipment is known to top the list when it comes to direct carbon emissions, KILOUTOU is reinforcing its eco-friendly actions by renewing its transport fleet with clean vehicles. KILOUTOU thus becomes the first rental company to offer to deliver equipment to sites by rigid lorries running on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). Its fleet of light vehicles is also evolving, integrating CNG-powered 12-m3 vans to deliver small items of equipment; hybrid and electric cars are provided for the sales force.

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Exclusive to Kiloutou : The first CNG rigid lorry

Engaged in a proactive CSR policy for six years, the KILOUTOU group has developed its Driv’EKO programme over the past few years dedicated to renewing its transport fleet with alternative energy vehicles. The aim of this corporate project is to take direct action on the top item for direct carbon emissions – equipment delivery – and meet the expectations of clients keen to reduce the overall environmental impact of their construction sites. Since 2018, the Driv’EKO programme has taken concrete form in the running of a fleet of more than 22 LNG-powered tractors, unprecedented on the rental market.

Today KILOUTOU is taking a new step and innovating with the integration of a unique solution on the rental market into its fleet: a CNG-powered rigid lorry with a long range.

Custom-designed by IVECO in collaboration with the coachbuilder CVIM, the Stralis rigid lorry has been co-developed based on KILOUTOU’s demanding specifications, imposing a large carrying capacity (32 t) and a high range in terms of alternative energy (close to 700 km compared to the usual 450).

Unique on the market, it offers energy efficiency making it possible to save up to 15% on fuel and up to 9% on the total cost of ownership (TCO) compared to a diesel vehicle. Its natural gas carburation allows it to emit 99% fewer fine particles and 60% less NOx than the levels stipulated by the Euro VI standard. Powered by biomethane, CO2 emissions are reduced by 95%. It also runs extremely quietly at less than 71 dB, leading to a decrease in noise pollution. This model allows KILOUTOU to pre-empt the move towards increasingly strict city centre traffic rules aiming to reduce access to diesel engines. Five CNG Stralis lorries are now available to cover different strategic areas: Northern France, Ile-de-France, Nantes, Lyon and Toulouse.

Arnaud Manès, National Transport Director for the KILOUTOU Group, states: “It took two years for this co-design initiative with the vehicle manufacturer IVECO and the coachbuilder CVIM to come into being. It is based on strong, proactive convictions needed to meet the challenges of reducing carbon emissions in Transport, which is the biggest contributor. By offering this innovative solution of a long-range CNG rigid lorry, we hope to contribute to raising general awareness in order, on the one hand, to encourage the development of alternative distribution networks and, on the other, promote new design initiatives among manufacturers, allowing these innovative modes of transport to be integrated into their standard offering.”

Light vehicles that are eco-friendlier than ever

Taking its commitments even further, KILOUTOU is also renewing its light vehicle fleet, gradually incorporating clean solutions.

To deliver small items of equipment to building sites, KILOUTOU now has a fleet of CNG-powered 12-m3 vans. From the IVECO CNG range, the chosen model (Daily Blue Pure) provides a 95% reduction in fine particles and an 80% reduction in NOx compared to the Euro VI standard. Running on Bio-CNG, the reduction in CO2 emissions reaches 95%. It runs extremely quietly (-50% dB), leading to a significant decrease in noise pollution.

In parallel, KILOUTOU is now integrating hybrid and electric cars into its vehicle fleet for members of the technical sales force.

This fleet of clean light vehicles (delivery van and company car) is currently being tested in two regions (Ile-de-France and Eastern France), where 23 CNG vans and 22 hybrid and electric cars have been rolled out.

Sustainable commitments

Committed to reducing its carbon footprint since 2010, the date of its first carbon assessment, the KILOUTOU group is implementing an increasing number of simple and pragmatic initiatives to limit greenhouse gas emissions and control energy resources.

In this context, in collaboration with its suppliers and clients, the group believes that it is essential to evolve its range of equipment available for hire along with the equipment associated with its own activity, in order to help to reduce building sites’ carbon footprint.

Audrey Miclard, CSR-Quality Director for the KILOUTOU Group, states: “Within the framework of our CSR policy, we pay particular attention to our transport fleet, so that it reflects our efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of our business. Replacing internal combustion vehicles with solutions integrating gas, electric or hybrid engines is part of a project to gradually renew the group’s transport fleet, which represents our biggest direct emissions. Our aim is to renew our entire logistics fleet with clean vehicles within five years.

About Kiloutou

As the 4th largest European rental company and a major player in the rental of equipment in France, the Kiloutou Group provides products and services solutions to a very diversified clientele: large national accounts, construction companies, craftsmen, communities and administrations, industries, services, SMEs. The Kiloutou group offers the widest range of the market with about 1,000 references and more than 250,000 materials in various fields: personnel elevation equipment, earthmoving and construction, structural and finishing work, commercial vehicles, and event. With a turnover of 606 million euros in 2017 and a workforce of 4,500 people in Europe, Kiloutou continues its development and now represents a network of 440 agencies in France, including fifty at specialized building and thirty said proximity, located in the city center. The network also has 30 branches in Poland, 19 in Spain, 3 in Germany and 10 in Italy.


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