Kiloutou launches Kiloutou Signalisation

Kiloutou launches Kiloutou Signalisation


KILOUTOU SIGNALISATION, the first subsidiary created from scratch by KILOUTOU, offers a comprehensive range of signage and protection products combined with a wide-ranging set of services to ensure the safety of public and private construction sites and events.

From the official request for a right of way on a public highway to the dismantling of site facilities, the various stages involved in organizing a construction site or an event require specific equipment combined with flexibility and responsiveness.

In response to these needs of the building and public works industry, regional authorities and events management organizations, KILOUTOU SIGNALISATION opened its first branch to serve the Ile-de-France region and construction sites in the Greater Paris area.


With a catalogue of more than 250 items, KILOUTOU SIGNALISATION offers the widest range on the market of road signage products, display equipment, and materials to secure and protect construction sites and all public or private events:

  • Ground-crossing equipment: pedestrian tunnels, trench bridges for vehicles and pedestrians, groundprotection mats and cable channels, steel and resin crossing plates, etc.
  • Concrete or PVC lane dividers and safety barriers, anti-intrusion studs, etc.
  • Police and public works barriers in steel or PVC, with wire mesh, crowd control ramps, etc.
  • Traffic signs (danger/prohibitory/information/construction site), cones and marking (beacons, fixedand temporary traffic lights) with optional customization
  • Fixed or temporary ground markings
  • Protection, fencing and cladding for construction sites: clad fences, hoarding and gates forconstruction sites, City of Paris fencing, etc., with optional customization of façades
  • Site equipment: gatehouses, containers, chemical toilets, accessible toilets, dry toilets, urinals, etc.


KILOUTOU SIGNALISATION has established itself as a true partner to the building and public works industry, local authorities and events by offering a range of services that provide a practical response to their requirements for agility and responsiveness:

  • Management and processing of official authorizations for rights of way on public highways

KILOUTOU SIGNALISATION can take care of official requests for the installation of equipment on the public highway prior to set-up.

  • A delivery, installation and recovery service provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Installations reconfigured in direct response to the various phases of construction works

The KILOUTOU SIGNALISATION teams closely monitor the various stages of the works and adapt the layout of the items, while maintaining the safety of the installations and people.

  • Maintenance and/or replacement in the event of broken or missing parts

Preventive and corrective maintenance of the installations can be provided throughout the rental period. A dedicated team of fitters responds in the event of breakage or theft of items.

  • A road-marking service

When it comes to setting up temporary pedestrian crossings or marking lane diversions, KILOUTOU SIGNALISATION has everything required, including for the installation of tactile guidance surfaces.

  • Printing of communication boards or warning signs upon request

KILOUTOU SIGNALISATION produces communication boards, such as large-scale event signage or construction site signs.

About Kiloutou

As the 4th largest European rental company and a major player in the rental of equipment in France, the Kiloutou Group provides products and services solutions to a very diversified clientele: large national accounts, construction companies, craftsmen, communities and administrations, industries, services, SMEs. The Kiloutou group offers the widest range of the market with about 1,000 references and more than 250,000 materials in various fields: personnel elevation equipment, earthmoving and construction, structural and finishing work, commercial vehicles, and event. With a turnover of 606 million euros in 2017 and a workforce of 4,500 people in Europe, Kiloutou continues its development and now represents a network of 440 agencies in France, including fifty at specialized building and thirty said proximity, located in the city center. The network also has 30 branches in Poland, 19 in Spain, 3 in Germany and 10 in Italy.


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