Kiloutou showed its capacity to adapt and pursue its long-term strategic goals in 2020

Kiloutou showed its capacity to adapt and pursue its long-term strategic goals in 2020

During the unprecedented world crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Kiloutou demonstrated its capacity to adapt and its determination to pursue its long-term strategic goals: accelerate its digital transformation, maintain growth momentum and ramp up its environmental transition.



At the end of 2020, an unprecedented year roiled by the health and economic crises linked to the Coronavirus pandemic, Kiloutou demonstrated its capacity to adapt and react fast, thanks to the commitment of its employees working on successive continuity and business recovery plans.


Against this extraordinary backdrop, Kiloutou presents 2020 consolidated revenue of
€646.1 million (-12.4% vs preceding year) and robust EBITDA at 31.2%.


The revenue decrease was more significant in France (-15.6% vs 2019), especially in the second quarter due to the lockdown and the almost total shutdown of the Construction sector. Kiloutou’s business picked up in June and revenue in the second half of the year fell only moderately (-5.2%) compared to the preceding year. The activity was more resilient outside France, where Kiloutou is present in Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain.


The Group’s diversified customer base in building and public works (61%) and non-construction activities (34%), together with private customers (5%) proved an undeniable advantage in weathering this global crisis.


On 31 December 2020, Kiloutou had 530 branches in five countries and retained its position as second-largest French and third European player.



In parallel, the Kiloutou Group took advantage of the crisis to accelerate its digital transformation. It now proposes numerous online services to better serve its business customers: online payment, management of rental contracts, consultation of quotes and invoices, reservations and requests for return of equipment, etc.



While managing the crisis situation, Kiloutou also maintained its growth momentum thanks to internal growth and acquisitions, in France and elsewhere.


In France, the Kiloutou Module agency network was strengthened by the acquisition of Locamodul and MC Loc. In parallel, the Group set up Kiloutou Signalisation, its first ex-nihilo subsidiary specialising in worksite signage and protection. In Germany, Kiloutou grew its network through acquisition of the equipment rental activities of the German company Wiesecker Werkzeugvermietung.



2020 also gave Kiloutou the opportunity to ramp up its CSR policy commitments, with the introduction of a new environmental strategy aimed at reducing direct CO2 emissions by 40% looking to 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality in 2050.


To meet these objectives, Kiloutou has defined an environmental action plan that aims to reduce the carbon footprint of its direct (transport and branches) and indirect activities (use of its equipment on worksites):

  • Faster replacement of the fleet of heavy vehicles and vans used to deliver equipment with alternative-energy vehicles (Liquefied Natural Gas, Compressed Natural Gas). In 2020, Kiloutou’s fleet included 50 clean vans. The goal is to replace all light vehicles with alternative-energy vehicles within five years.
  • Continuation of the branch renovation and construction programme to meet energy and environmental regulatory requirements. The goal is to reduce global energy consumption in the branches by 40% looking to 2030.
  • Transition to alternative-energy equipment. In France, 85% of the 2021 investments in motorised equipments will be hybrid, bi-energy, electric and Stage V.
  • Launch of a range covering more than 3,000 alternative equipment items to help Building and Public Works customers transition to a low-carbon policy.



With the health situation still uncertain, Kiloutou intends to pursue its business activities with confidence and caution, around four main priorities:

  • accompanying professional clients on a daily basis by maintaining a high level of service;
  • integrating the acquisitions made in the last few years in Germany and those made in France in 2020;
  • rolling out the Kiloutou brand in Italy;
  • accelerating its environmental transformation, notably by increasing the share of alternative-energy equipment in its fleet and continuing with its transport investments (heavy vehicles and vans).


Olivier COLLEAU, CEO of Kiloutou says: “Despite partial lockdowns and the measures imposed to manage the pandemic in the different geographical regions where Kiloutou operates, we have successfully returned to an activity level close to that we enjoyed pre-Covid. Our teams have demonstrated extraordinary resilience and agility to adapt to this unprecedented situation. I am extremely proud of them and would like to thank them warmly for their commitment and energy. While managing the crisis situation, we have stayed on course to achieve our long-term strategic goals: digital acceleration, maintaining growth momentum and ramping up our environmental transition. The health crisis is still not over – we remain cautious, close to our clients and focused on our performances. We are confident about the favourable outlook for the rental sector and convinced that Kiloutou’s strengths will be perfectly adapted to the needs of the actors concerned.”

About Kiloutou

The 3rd largest European rental company and a major player in equipment rental in France, Kiloutou has been reconciling economics, environment and people for more than 40 years by offering the most innovative solutions to an increasingly diversified customer base: building and public works companies, craftsmen, SMEs, local authorities and industries. The Group has built its development on the skills of its 6,000-strong team, and serves more than 300,000 customers in five countries across Europe: France, Poland, Italy, Spain and Germany., the Kiloutou network included 505 branches (on December 31, 2020), offering the most extensive range on the market with more than 1,000 products and over 250,000 items of equipment divided into four main product families: earth-moving, lifting, utility vehicles and tools.


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