Strong positive results, the Kiloutou Group continues its strategy for growth and transformation

Strong positive results, the Kiloutou Group continues its strategy for growth and transformation

In 2018, the KILOUTOU Group enjoyed a new year of growth with, in particular, a turnover up 13.5%.
The European No. 4 in equipment rental intends to continue its winning strategy that puts
professionals at the heart of its actions, while strengthening its commitment to responsible behavior.
With the support of its new shareholders HLDI and HLD Europe, the KILOUTOU Group had a new
ambition in 2018: to continue its European development by simplifying the life of all customer profiles.
For this, the KILOUTOU Group has committed for 3 years, in a new development strategy articulated
around 4 axes :
– Offer the best customer experience, thanks to a diversified offer of materials and services.
– Expand the playing field through acquisitions and expansions.
– Professionalize internal organizations through responsible actions.
– Share a unique KILOUTOU teammate experience.
As the first step in this phase of expansion and transformation, the year 2018 paid off and enabled the
multi-specialist equipment rental company to consolidate its positions as No. 2 in France and No. 4 in
Thus, the KILOUTOU Group recorded a turnover of 689 million euros, an increase of 13.5%. Its network
has, meanwhile, experienced the deployment of new agencies and acquisitions to bring together today
nearly of 550 agencies in 5 countries: France, Poland, Spain, Italy, Germany.
The growth of the KILOUTOU Group has been recorded in all countries where the equipment rental
banner is present, and through its general agencies and specialists (Module, Energy, Reception).
On the material side, the year 2018 was also marked by a record of 203 million euros, allowing a
renewal of the park and the arrival of machines capable of providing answers to the challenges of
respect for the environment, safety on building sites and facilitating the use on complex sites (rotary
telehandlers, excavators equipped with demolition kits, electrical equipment, range of power tools on
battery, range “green spaces” on battery …).
Beyond value creation, this strategy enables the KILOUTOU Group to display a growing customer
portfolio in each of the major families of construction professionals (craftsmen, companies, majors)
and the Green Spaces, Industry and Events sectors.
Finally, true to its values, the KILOUTOU Group has supported this new development strategy by
strengthening its commitment to responsible behavior through concrete actions such as the
participation of team members Kiloutou Free Handi’se Trophy and World Clean Up Day.

Le 19 février 2019

In 2019, in a buoyant European market, the KILOUTOU Group’s development strategy will be in perfect
harmony with the four pillars that structure it. Thus, it provides the continuation:
– investments for the purchase of equipment (192 million euros) and sustainable logistics (15 CNG
– organic growth in all countries and the acquisition program
– the transformation of the Group.
Among the actions to be carried out in 2019, those aimed at offering a better customer experience will
be particularly strong with, on the one hand, actions to support a new customer promise (“Perfectly
close to you”) and, on the other hand, three innovative materials for the safety of professionals in their
“Perfectly close to you”: The customer promise formalized around 5 commitments
In 2018, the KILOUTOU Group launched a major survey to define what were the needs and expectations
of its customers, whether they are site manager, craftsman, order picker etc …. This major investigation
has identified “irritants”, which could interfere with the positive image of the brand. Two irritants had
emerged: delivery times and equipment breakdowns. By 2018, answers had been provided with
technical assistance on site and the Tracking service on the Kiloutou application to track the delivery
of equipment.
For 2019, KILOUTOU wanted to commit to an ambitious customer promise: “Perfectly close to you”.
Focused on performance and proximity, this promise is based on five concrete commitments on
reliability, responsiveness, fluidity, customization and trust
3 commitments for more performance
To achieve a high level of performance that embodies the “Perfectly …” of the new customer promise,
KILOUTOU is committed to three key areas:
– Reliability: guarantee a reliable and robust material.
Kiloutou is committed to always provide robust and quality equipment, tested, controlled and / or
repaired before each rental.
– The reactivity: to be always available and reactive.
Kiloutou has set up a software dedicated to technical assistance. It allows remote requests to be
managed during telephone calls, without the intervention of a technician on site. The client can contact
a Kiloutou advisor from 5am to 10pm, 5 days a week. If, however, a field intervention is necessary, a
technician is geolocated and sent in less than 4 hours, replacing the broken equipment (excluding
weekends and weekends). night). The customer can choose the time window of intervention and is
notified in real time by SMS of the delivery and the recovery of the material. He can also have a view of
the arrival of the technician through a tracking system. Finally, Kiloutou is available 24 hours a day
thanks to its dedicated application and its website.
– The fluidity: to offer a fluid and efficient customer experience.
For a perfect accessibility to materials and services, Kiloutou ensures an omnichannel presence:
agency, website, app and catalog allow everyone to access the equipment rental. The Kiloutou website
offers online booking services. This autonomous journey with recognition of the customer profile, the
personalized support, the removal and the return of the remote managed equipment, allows the latter
to have a 360 ° control of his needs and his tools, with a gain of precious time on the site.
2 commitments for more Proximity
The concept of “close to you …” of KILOUTOU’s new customer promise is concretized by two
commitments guaranteeing more proximity via personalization of services and a relationship of trust.
– Customization: Offer an experience that matches the customer’s preferences

Each customer benefits, via his account on the website, recommendations, individual and personalized
assessments, with a tailor-made configuration depending on its organization, its preferences or its
rental history. Quotes, reservations, contracts or invoices in digital format are also downloadable.
These new services also make it possible to better understand customers’ habits in order to offer them
the right equipment, at the right time, in the right place, and also to ensure efficient construction, and
increased productivity!
– Trust: build a strong and lasting relationship
KILOUTOU offers regular reviews of past and current contracts in order to maintain the link with its
client. An alert is sent systematically in case of exceeding the planned rental period. Strong confidence
is also established with a dense geographic presence. KILOUTOU is keeping watch, for example in
France, a good distribution of its 437 agencies and its 5,000 team members present in France.
Collision between machine and operator, fall of high height, development of the musculoskeletal
disorders (TMS) … many are the risks met on the building sites. Good site organization incorporating
safety aspects improves working conditions. To help its customers improve risk prevention KILOUTOU
completes its offer with 3 innovations: a ergoskeleton, a complete offer of drones offered with a remote
pilot and a high visibility anti-collision vest.
Ergoskeleton to reduce the physical burden

Proposed exclusively by KILOUTOU (in partnership with the
company Gobio), the ergoskeleton makes it possible to reduce the
toil in the work and in fact singularly the TMS.
Lightweight and compact, it is as easy as a harness. When working
at height or lying down, the arms are accompanied and relieved,
avoiding the user to have back or muscle pain. It allows a better
energy recovery.
This product is suitable for use in the building, public works,
shipyards, industry, car manufacturing as well as aeronautics.

Drone and Tele-pilots in the service dangerous interventions

Falls from height represent the second most common cause of
death on the construction sites. Today, drones allow, in a certain
number of cases, to avoid unnecessary risk taking. Also, to meet the
needs of professionals, to carry out inspections, expertise or simply
to monitor or promote projects and site, KILOUTOU, in partnership
with IVA Drones, launches an unprecedented offer combining the
provision of a drone and his Télé-Pilote. This tool equipped with
suitable sensors is also particularly effective for other uses:
topographic surveys, 3D modeling of land, surfaces, buildings or
structures. KILOUTOU also offers its customers services enabling
them to quickly obtain valuable deliverables for their projects and


Connected vest “Kare” to secure professionals on construction sites

The collision between a machine and a pedestrian is the second
cause of accidents in the construction industry. To prevent this

risk, KILOUTOU is offering, for the first time for hire, a machine-
pedestrian collision avoidance system : KARE, a connected

solution equipped with 3 bidirectional alerts to ensure safety and
visibility on sites and sites.
This new solution (in partnership with the manufacturer T2S) is
based on shared vigilance, allowing to simultaneously alert the
operator of the machine and the pedestrian worker. The connected
device consists of an external RFID beacon with sound and light alarm on the vehicle and a visual and
audible warning system in the cabin. The pedestrian is himself equipped with a high visibility vest
connected via an RFID badge. Therefore, in the cabin, the machine operator is notified of the detection
of a pedestrian in the risk zone. The pedestrian is simultaneously alerted of his danger by three signals
on his PPE.


About Kiloutou

As the 4th largest European rental company and a major player in the rental of equipment in France, the Kiloutou Group provides products and services solutions to a very diversified clientele: large national accounts, construction companies, craftsmen, communities and administrations, industries, services, SMEs. The Kiloutou group offers the widest range of the market with about 1,000 references and more than 250,000 materials in various fields: personnel elevation equipment, earthmoving and construction, structural and finishing work, commercial vehicles, and event. With a turnover of 606 million euros in 2017 and a workforce of 4,500 people in Europe, Kiloutou continues its development and now represents a network of 440 agencies in France, including fifty at specialized building and thirty said proximity, located in the city center. The network also has 30 branches in Poland, 19 in Spain, 3 in Germany and 10 in Italy.


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