Integrated Generalist

For more than 35 years, Kiloutou has been working with professionals on all their projects. Our experience and our mastery have allowed the development of the most complete equipment park on the market, and the best services and advice to accompany our customers. Our generalist agencies reflect our professional proximity: close to your activities, convivial and reactive. Quality, quantity and availability: Kiloutou knows how to speak to the pros!

Performance and Innovation

We work closely with our customers to respond precisely to the most demanding requirements. Our fleet of machines follows the evolution of standards and new technologies. Thus, Kiloutou refers to materials that combine performance and professional comfort, to minimize Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs). We are also at the forefront of dual-energy or battery-powered equipment.

Productivity and Friendliness

In all our branches, Kiloutou crew guarantees the daily productivity of professionals:

  • Take the time to fully understand the needs and advise our clients effectively.
  • Systematic inspection and maintenance of equipment for safe and reliable rental
  • Ensure delivery times, with our fleet of PL, and VL equipped with trailers.
  • Prevent and respond, with on-site technical assistance, equipment maintenance and after-sales service. Intervention under 4 hours in case of breakdown.

As a generalist, Kiloutou adapts to all situations with a lot of common sense, efficiency and professionalism!

As a multi-specialist, each profession finds at Kiloutou the professional materials and services specific to its activities.

Our Services

  • Real-time access to material available through the Kiloutou mobile application or our website. Provision of materials, whatever the time or place.
  • Embedded telematics to reconcile security and profitability requirements with the dynamic and proactive management of equipment: geolocation and analysis of production, management of access and authorization (digicodes, magnetic cards).
  • Supply of consumables perfectly adapted to the rented equipment.
  • Underwriting of long-term contracts: more than 12 months with regular maintenance service and periodic inspections to ensure the smooth running of the site.
  • Site diagnosis to establish an accurate assessment of needs, while respecting production rhythms. Secure installations of certain materials on site.
  • Kiloutou also wanted to develop a new offer of training regulations and CACESĀ®, associated with its material park.

Kiloutou TP

Kiloutou TP is proud to be able to contribute by developing all the solutions they need to help them succeed.

Large construction sites, big ways! Our fleet of equipment covers all the needs of public works: excavators of all sizes, and all-terrain, loaders, compressors and compactors. All of our teammates Kiloutou TP, located in our TP agencies, offer our clients the solutions and adapted service offerings.

Our customers thus benefit from a global service of the equipment and its use, in conformity with their legal obligations. Because a construction site must be able to be used safely!

Public works professionals work on major projects that improve the daily lives of all.

Kiloutou TP is proud to be able to contribute, by developing all the solutions they need to help them succeed.

Kiloutou Elevation

Always higher: Kiloutou Elevation is the professional solution for all the needs of work at height. Our range covers all the demands for work at height of people:

  • indoor work, with our ranges of electric nacelles,
  • work on off-road sites, using off-road machines, and the bypass of obstacles offered by large offsets,
  • specific solutions (spider crawlers, dual-energy nacelles and high-lift nacelles) for high stressed sites (space, weight, environment …).

Security is the fundamental point of support for the service: it is the great strength of Kiloutou Elevation. With a material park that has been extensively renewed over the last 2 years, our customers have the latest machines to maneuver with complete peace of mind. Kiloutou Elevation offers its customers the means to work with confidence, while also contributing, through its requirement and experience, to the development of certain models, in partnership with suppliers. Rent tested equipment, proven and approved by our experts, to go higher and further on the sites of our customers.

Kiloutou Industry

Our customers, actors in Industry and Industrial Maintenance are subject to special requirements that impose strict safety requirements and standards. Kiloutou Industry gives them a professional response with adapted technical solutions. Our preventive intervention plans guarantee the perfect integration of our rental equipment in an industrial environment.

Above all, Kiloutou is committed to continuous improvement of the HSE processes and the training of its team members to ensure the safety of all.

Our Range

  • A fleet of 250,000 available materials / 1 000 references
  • 3,600 crew members in our 430 branches
  • 350 trucks, 20 of which are dedicated to overnight deliveries.
  • 6,000 electric nacelles
  • 2,200 thermal nacelles
  • 650 nacelle trucks
  • 400 industrial trucks
  • 3,100 all-terrain trolleys

Our areas of intervention

  • Public Works
  • Construction/renovation sites
  • Green areas
  • Handling energy
  • New works
  • Handling and transportation
  • Building maintenance
  • Industrial maintenance
  • Emergency response
  • Facilities management