The governance of Kiloutou revolves around a Monitoring Comittee and a Management Department, framed by this set of ethics and ethical rules.

This corporate structure, introduced in 2018, aligns with the same level of requirements as the biggest groups, to guarantee the performance and the permanence of Kiloutou. The areas of responsibility of the Monitoring Comittee and Management are clearly established. Organized, structured and ethical, the company can thus develop in confidence, with a perfect control of risks.

Appointed by the shareholders, the Monitoring Comittee has 9 members:

  • Xavier Du Boÿs, Chief non Executive Officer Kiloutou
  • Franky Mulliez, Founder of Kiloutou
  • Pierre-Henri Dentressangle, Founder President of capital-innovation field of Dentressangle Group
  • Vincent Ménez, Managing Director of Dentressangle Group
  • Jean-Louis Savoye, Executive Managing Director of Dentressangle Group
  • Jean-Bernard Lafonta, Co-Founder and associate of Dentressangle Group
  • Jean-Hubert Vial, associate of HLD investment group
  • François Bertreau, Former Deputy Managing Director in charge of Veolia transactions
  • Olivier Legrain, Former Managing Director of big companies


3 committees contribute to decision-making:

  • the audit committee
  • the compensation committee
  • the acquisitions committee

The Board of Directors

The continued growth of Kiloutou and its internationalization since 2013, require a management team organized for such a development. Thus, in 2016, the management team was enriched by two new members, forming a very complementary team, working on the operational perimeters of the network in France and abroad and on the more transversal purchasing responsibilities and equipment, human resources, finance, etc. Kiloutou can avail itself of a well-tightened management team, well aligned with the challenges of the company and able to support the Group’s development..»

Olivier Colleau, Chief Executive Officer of the Group

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Olivier Colleau
Chief Executive Officer of the Group
Olivier Colleau, was promoted in May 2016, to the post of Managing Director France Kiloutou. A graduate of HEC, he immediately joined the consulting firm in strategy and management consulting Bain and Company France in 1995. Ten years later, he took the lead of the development of the Marine division, at Zodiac Marine & Pool, where he is spotted and thus joined the Kiloutou Group in 2009. He was Director of Strategy and Development from 2009 to 2011, and then took over the management of the network until 2016 when he was appointed General Manager of the Group.

Management Department

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Lionel Wallet
Network Director
A graduate of ESLSCA, Lionel Wallet started his career at Boulanger (Groupe Auchan) for two years and then joins Kiloutou in 1997. He then moved on to the network, starting with the management of three agencies, then Zone Director and finally Regional Director in 2008. He then left the France network and took over the operational management of BM Loc until his integration in the Kiloutou network at the beginning of 2014. He then moved to Most Location until his integration in early 2015. He returned to the Network France as Managing Director and became Network Director in November 2015.
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Patrick Rybicki
GM Development & International
With a Master's degree in Computer Science and Management, this change management specialist has worked at Capgemini. Successively Project Manager, Change Management Consultant, Sales Manager and Head of Outsourcing Division for the North Region until 2001. He joined the Kiloutou Group in 2001, where he assumed the management of the organization and information systems, before being promoted, in 2008, Operations Manager of the Agency network in France. Since 2011, he has been implementing the strategy of external growth and the development of Kiloutou in new countries.
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Valérie Marchand
Director of Commerce & Marketing
After obtaining a Master's Degree in Private Law, CESA HEC Business Unit Management and a DESU Coaching in Business, Valérie Marchand began in 1988 as head of an agency within the Crédit Lyonnais group and then for the Group Guilbert. She then moved to the PPR Group, between 2000 and 2003, as Director of Operations and Services France. Valérie Marchand joined Groupe Dépôt in 2003, successively as Director of Customer Services, Quality Director, General Manager Viking, Group Marketing Director, Marketing and Merchandising Director, then Marketing Director and Sedentary Sales Manager. In 2016, she joined the Kiloutou Group, heading the Commerce and Marketing Department.
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Jan-Luc Ambre
Chief Financial Officer
A graduate of EDHEC in 1995, Jan-Luc Ambre began his career at PwC before continuing with Castorama, as Group Financial Controller. In 2003, he joined the Kiloutou Group and was initially responsible for the management control and project finance for the redesign of the SI Back Office. He then became Head of Group Controlling and Cash Management. Since January 2012, it is the DAF.
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Yann Bonnet
Operations Manager
Yann Bonnet has spent his entire career with the Group. He holds a Baccalaureate in Business Administration, Yann Bonnet joined Kiloutou in 1994. Since his first operational functions within the France Network, his career has been built by internal promotion, as an agency manager and then Management of a group of agencies, before overseeing the management of a region. Thanks to his experience in the field, Yann Bonnet is now Director of Operations.
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David Lamiaux
Human Resources Director
David Lamiaux joined Kiloutou as an academic intern, with a Master 2 in Business Law and a Master 2 in Social Law. His career began as a lawyer in business law. He then became Director of Legal Affairs. In 2003, David Lamiaux made a turn, creating the Kiloutou Resources Department. He has spent his entire career with the Group and heads the Human Resources department, which now covers 5 countries.
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François Renault
Materials Director
François Renault holds a DESS in Business Administration (IAE) and a graduate of École Centrale de Lille. He joined the Bouygues Group as an engineer before joining Auchan France, where he alternately served as Technical Purchasing Director, Hypermarket Maintenance Manager and Environment Manager. He then became Project Manager Organization for the Group. In 2002, he joined Kiloutou as Technical Director. He was then promoted to Director of Operational Support (Dir Tech and DOSI) and finally Materials Director, DG Aquiloc and DG Specialties.
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Vincent Royer
Director, Digital Transformation
A graduate of the Weller International Business School, Viner Royer started his career at Leroy Merlin as Head of Sector in 1988. After two years at Castorama, where he was Store Manager, he became Regional Director for the North within the Kiloutou Group in 2003. He then held the position of Head of Integration for several brands acquired by the Group in the Rhône region before being promoted to the position of Director of Marketing France. He is now at the head of the new Direction of Digital Transformation created in September 2016.