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Logistics Management for all Your Events

Our customers, managers, local authorities or companies, organize one-off or recurring events. Each event represents a major challenge: for them and for us, improvising is out of question. Since 2008, Kiloutou Event offers them a centralized logistics management service. As a partner and regardless of the business line or event type (fashion, cinema, concerts, sporting events, openings, national holidays, etc.), Kiloutou Event provides a comprehensive, specific, simple and effective response.

Field Experience and “Turnkey” Solutions

Kiloutou Event offers a single point of contact, listening and tracking, a support and backup team, and of course all the technical equipment to ensure success in all circumstances.

  • a single entry point regardless of the event
  • a dedicated contact
  • a strong Kiloutou network – more than 400 agencies everywhere in France
  • an on-site tracking service for best commercial, technical and logistics expertise
  • on call partners
  • efficient technical assistance
  • and finally the largest material supply in the market.

Preparation, Anticipation, Action!

Our Kiloutou Event teams centralize all technical needs to bring material as well as logistics solutions. We operate both inside and outside, during the entire duration of the event. Thanks to our logistics expertise, as well as our complete range of handling, lifting equipment, and our materials and tools, we can put together scenic elements, air-condition a film set or even secure a site.

  • Home
  • Assembly
  • Energy needs Ÿ
  • Transport
  • Reception
  • Handling
  • Communication
  • ŸConsumables

Our Areas of Intervention

  • ŸSporting Events Ÿ
  • National Holidays Ÿ
  • Concerts Ÿ
  • Festivals Ÿ
  • Meetings Ÿ
  • Fairs Ÿ
  • TV/ Film Productions