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Since 2006, the KGS (Kiloutou Global Service) service allows Kiloutou to offer all professionals highly specialized equipment through ultra-specialized partners. The Group’s sub-lease entity meets all demands for equipment not included in the catalog, in France and abroad. At Kiloutou, there is always a solution!

With a network of more than 1 000 qualified partners, KGS assists its customers outside the French territory. Through the network and the KGS teams’ advice, they avoid tedious research, to better focus on their core activities. The Kiloutou Group thus confirms the relevance of its integrated multi-specialist model.

KGS: More than 1000 Partners

Kiloutou Global Service fully manages requests for equipment not referenced in the Kiloutou catalog, by allowing its customers to benefit from its network of partners. Being transparent with our customers and partners, this intermediary service meets the Kiloutou quality assurance and payment commitment. Partners are not bound and respond according to their stock availability.

These are 750 references that may be requested by professionals, like high-rise mobile elevating work platforms, under-bridge boom lifts, etc. And for this, 21 specially trained technicians help professionals find the equipment which is adapted to their problem and fully manage “turnkey” solutions.

Some Figures

KGS represents 4% of the Kiloutou activity.

The service is managed by 21 employees in 2017.

Our Services

  • Bungalow
  • WC Ÿ
  • DumpstersŸ
  • Containers, shovels, rollers and HEAVY-DUTY LOADERS Ÿ
  • Rotating forklift-trucks Ÿ
  • High-rise Mobile Elevation Work Platform
  • Energy, customized heating / air conditioning Ÿ
  • Machines with operators Ÿ
  • Assembly/ disassembly Ÿ fuel supply