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Dedicated to certain Major and Large customer accounts, Unikcall centralizes all their rental requests and manages, remotely and in real time, all our agencies’ equipment fleet.

The Unikcall business management team covers the entire Kiloutou network, to provide rental solutions, whatever they may be, and regardless of the place of delivery. Being able to manage everything with a single contact is so much easier.

Our desire: to make our customers succeed by giving them access to the necessary equipment in the best possible conditions. Unikcall widely fulfills this promise, by positioning itself as a full partner. The service is the appropriate solution for managing projects more easily, with full transparency and total efficiency. Unikcall manages many customers skillfully and effectively!

Size and Agility

  • All the activities from a single customer are taken care of by a Kiloutou team-mate, regardless of the number of their sites.
  • The customer has a single contact at Kiloutou, who is capable of managing all their business orders, billing, tracking, and reporting.
  • When opening a construction site, they simply need to inform the Unikcall contact, for delivery within specified constraints (site facilities, water connection, rented equipment…).

Key Figures

  • In 2017, more than 150 customers became Unikcall members
  • = 2,5% of the Kiloutou Board of Directors
  • 10 employees