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Wikimat – Exchanging So We Can Build Together

Another initiative Kiloutou as of 2013, the 1st community platform of the building. Wikimat is a community site that allows pros and individuals to share their experiences around the use of materials. Free and open to all, this site is intended for craftsmen, professionals and semi-professionals. By registering they can interact by posting or commenting on articles. They can also customize their information flow and pro account to get the data they need.

Wikimat is based on three pillars:

  • MATERIAL: a Wikipedia encyclopaedia, which provides material sheets enriched with tips and tricks from contributors.
  • PROJECT: a discussion forum to exchange and find solutions with all the building trades to manage its projects as best as possible.
  • SAFETY: a compendium of good practices and safety rules, in partnership with the OPPBT and the Iris ST, to promote prevention and intervention on safety regulations and instructions, providing members with a health and safety expertise.