Working at Kiloutou is above all a state of mind!

Our slogan? “Work seriously without taking yourself seriously”

Simplicity, conviviality and authenticity are our 3 essential values. They make their meaning in our daily life and we invite you to come and discover it in the agency. Because beyond words, it’s reality that counts!


To be spontaneous and natural both in relationships, but also in reflections and actions. For us it is a real guarantee of efficiency and well-being.

Concretely? At Kiloutou, the tuition is installed very quickly with any new crew member, whatever the hierarchical level. The result: a more relaxed relationship where we more easily express our point of view. Everybody wins !


Maintaining a relationship of proximity and listening, celebrating successes, working with pleasure, maintaining a pleasant work atmosphere. For us, it is indispensable because it is what makes you feel good and makes you want to give it your all!

Concretely? At Kiloutou, we regularly organize barbecues, potlucks and festive meetings between team members and with our clients. These are important moments of comradery that contribute to a good working atmosphere. And our internal opinion surveys prove it: the atmosphere has been acclaimed for 10 years by all our teams!


To be honest, have integrity and transparent with a concern for respect and benevolence. For us, it is essential to maintain mutual trust between employees.

Concretely? The Blog of Xavier du Boÿs, President of Kiloutou, offers the opportunity for each team member to question, discuss or comment on major issues facing the company. Result: every day we know why, where and how to move forward!

How do we translate our values into recruitment?

Because simplicity, conviviality and authenticity are the foundation of the Kiloutou spirit, it is important that our future collaborators share them. During the recruitment process, we offer a “discovery” moment for each candidate. The objective? Offer the opportunity to “taste” the reality Kiloutou to realize that what is written, is lived!