Kiloutou was certified Top Employer in 2016, and this for the third consecutive time! A recurring external recognition that is testimony to the human quality of our organization. But the most important promise in our eyes remains Come, Live, Grow, because it symbolizes the extraordinary human experience of being a teammate at Kiloutou. Our corporate culture cannot described, it is lived. Quite simply!»


David Lamiaux, Directeur of Human Ressources.


Work at Kiloutou is: « a human adventure in an extraordinary business ».

Positive professions

The business of equipment rental is unknown, and often associated with the clichés associated with crafts and builders. However, this is an exciting sector of activity, offering tremendous opportunities for professional development! Kiloutou strives to introduce to others the profession and share its positive professional values.

At Kiloutou we cultivate the right atmosphere at work, the empowerment of team members, the culture of internal promotion and the sharing of the fruits of growth. It’s our DNA. Each team member embodies it on a daily basis, to bring a taste for performance, a passion for the customer and confidence in Man, which are also the values of the Group.

Kiloutou also has a strong internal promotion policy. In general, employees can be brought in quickly enough to take on responsibility. It is the guarantee of confidence of the company vis-à-vis its employees. Mentoring or being a trainer, discovering other ways of working through regional experiences, all these opportunities allow the construction of a career path to evolve professionally and achieve its objectives.

The qualifying school

There is no training specific to the rental businesses. Kiloutou has therefore chosen to innovate by creating, in 2013, a Qualifying School for maintenance technicians. Young people with no vocational qualification are trained for 13 months, theoretically with a partner school, and practically in an agency. At the end of this training period, they pass an examination to obtain a Professional title of “Maintenance technicians in public works and handling equipment”, equivalent to a Bac-Pro. But above all they are hired with a CDI by Kiloutou. In each promotion, their number varies according to the possibilities of reception of the regions. And Kiloutou also hopes to welcome more candidates, because the feminization of the teams remains a real subject of reflection of the company. How to motivate women to join professional careers in the rental sector? The IMPACT repository sets progression targets in an agency to open and create opportunities for female recruitment.

Share ones professional experience

Motivate, sensitize, motivate and confidence … In partnership with the CREPI (Clubs Régionaux d’Entreprises Partenaires de l’Insertion), Kiloutou also participates in various operations to promote the return to employment. The Dunkirk agency welcomed the “Rally for Employment”, and allowed the meeting and exchange between the job seekers and the Kiloutou teams. Kiloutou’s HR Development teams, in partnership with universities or with the Alliances Network, accompany students or young graduates in the preparation of their professional project and their job search (advice on their CV and hiring interviews). The aim is to make young people aware of their potential to maximize their professional development.

Well-being at work

A trade union agreement has been established to allow the launching of campaigns to appeal to donations: the possibility of giving rest days, to help and support a colleague. It is thus easier for a Kiloutou crew member to accompany a relative (his child or his spouse) who has an illness, a disability, or suffers a serious accident.

Sensitivity to disability was also expressed in 2016, through the preparation for the Free Handi’se Trophy, an inter-company race. Each company is represented by 2 teams of 2 persons, and each team was composed of a person with a disability (motor, mental, sensory or psychic) ​​and a non-disabled person. In May 2017, the teams traveled to Strasbourg, Lille, for about a hundred kilometers a day, for 8 days, in 25km relays, cyclo-tandem or canoe, to help change the way we look at disability.