IMPACT is a project developed by Group Kiloutou in 2014. Each of its indicators is linked to one of the themes of our CSR policy.


At Kiloutou, we also support and encourage many local initiatives which contribute to the continuous improvement of our standards.


The IMPACT Initiative has truly become, to this day, the backbone of our corporate management. »


Yann Bonnet, Operations Manager

What is IMPACT?

IMPACT, a project developed within Group Kiloutou, embodies its commitments in terms of sustainable responsibility. Our performance indicators, which are tracked every month, allow us to evaluate the performance of our CSR engagement.

IMPACT is comprised of three major themes:


  • Controlling waste disposal processes
  • Protecting soils from Hazardous Industrial Waste (HIW)
  • Measuring electrical, gas, water, and diesel fuel consumption
  • Reducing the environmental impact of transport through transfer optimization
  • Referencing of hazardous products is controlled. Premises are kept clean.


  • Ensuring employee safety
  • COME: integrating new team members to ensure their success
  • LIVE: helping team members to become involved in our business
  • GROW: ensuring the development of our team members’ skills so they can continue growing


  • Ensuring customer safety and customer satisfaction in the use of our equipment
  • Digitizing customer data.

In 2016, the IMPACT Framework was deployed and audited in two thirds of our agencies.

The Principle

A team of Kiloutou coordinators accompanies the operational staff in understanding the meaning of the IMPACT project, its implementation, and its follow-up. The managers then encourage their team members to carry out the program’s actions, through a hands-on model.

This approach generates a lot of commitment, enthusiasm, and ensures the involvement of each individual employee towards greater accountability.

Our clients witness and appreciate these changes, as they benefit everyone. They, in turn, encourage us to continue our actions in this direction!

The Certification Committee

Each one of our 61 agencies are audited once a year to ensure that we are always at the expected level. Our independent Certification Committee, made up of a diverse group of stakeholders, supports and challenges us in order to constantly improve our processes. Working in partnership and collaboration is essential for us. It is one of the reasons why we intend to introduce some of our suppliers and new customers to our Certification Committee.

Some Words About the IMPACT Approach