Kiloutou has its own set of CSR standards, which provide a solid foundation for the company and for its expansion. »


Head of CSR

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IMPACT, structures quality and CSR

Impact is the name of the programme that enshrines Kiloutou’s policy on quality and sustainable development and structures it around four key themes: labour, society, the economy and the environment. Impact is in constant dialogue with the company’s strategy, its projects and its stakeholders’ expectations.

ISO 9001 certification is the bedrock

Kiloutou is expanding faster. The company now has operations in Poland, Spain, Germany and Italy. It is also diversifying in France through its specialist subsidiaries Kiloutou Module, Kiloutou Énergie and Loca Réception. These countries and their markets are structured in different ways, and solidifying quality and securing customer satisfaction through ISO 9001 certification is the first step to roll out an all-round CSR drive.

Kiloutou France has been ISO 9001-certified since 2000.

Kiloutou Poland became the country’s first rental company to earn certification in 2019. The Group is aiming high on this front: it expects all its agencies across Europe to secure certification, including all its specialist subsidiaries.

ISO 9001_2015 certificate – 2019-2022 fleet


This set of CSR standards defines the best practices and indicators relating to the impact that Kiloutou’s activities have on its customers, team members and the environment. One of its distinctive features is that the committee conducting assessments for certification encompasses a variety of partner organisations, namely ADEME (France’s agency for ecological transition), CARSAT (a pension fund) and Alliance (a recruitment network) as well as Kiloutou stakeholders (team members, customers and suppliers). This committee reviews all proposed updates to CSR standards. Each year, it also reviews all audit reports from all groups of agencies to decide whether or not to grant them CSR certification. The audits are carried out in all groups of agencies, every year. Agencies also have dashboards and monitor their social and environmental performance indicators on a regular basis.


Labour and social

  • Employees are working safely.
  • COME IN: new team members are properly inducted into their new jobs to ensure they are successful in them.
  • LIVE: team members have fulfilling jobs and feel engaged.
  • GROW: team members can build their skills and advance their careers.


  • Customers are satisfied and safe.
  • Continuous improvement is embedded in the group’s operation.


  • Waste disposal processes are properly controlled, soil is protected from all kinds of pollution.
  • Energy consumption is measured and team members behave in a respectful and economical manner.
  • Environmental impacts and safety are properly controlled during transport operations.
  • Agencies are clean and tidy.


Kiloutou’s CSR policy has earned it Gold status in the EcoVadis ranking, which places it in the top 5% companies assessed by this authoritative rating agency.