Our ongoing commitment to reducing our environmental impact and improving working conditions is not just words. We prefer concrete actions: machines are used in real conditions, not though a screen. We like to build reliable and lasting relations with our suppliers, because the only way to build in our line of work is over time, through constant, bidirectional exchanges. In this way, our suppliers know they can always count on our experience with functionality and safety. In exchange, we ask that they share their know-how so that we can continue developing products that meet their needs and our highest standards. The quality of our partnerships is fundamental!»


Amaury Delepoulle, Purchasing and Supply Director

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Ethical Purchasing Charter

Corruption cannot exist in a place that promotes the client’s best interests. It is only natural then that supplies who make every effort to save resources, reduce production waste, and manufacture their materials according to ethical rules, will be in a privileged position to establish partnerships.

The Ethical Purchasing Charter sets the Kiloutou Group’s level of ethical and integrity requirements. Designed in 2016, the Charter formalizes the commitments expected of our suppliers in terms of ethics, fight against corruption, respect for human rights, and international labor standards, as well as health protection. The Charter is accompanied by a questionnaire and a CSR audit. Through their adoption, all suppliers are effectively working together to build and maintain lasting and profitable relationships.

Four of our employees focused on equipment purchase and three of our buyers and subcontractors visit the factories and meet regularly with our suppliers to discuss the nature of their investments and their working standards. Kiloutou suppliers are therefore in constant communication with counterparts who share their technical and commercial skills. The Kiloutou product managers are also committed to upholding the code of ethics which defines the rules of behaviors and the ethical standards to be respected.

The Lesquin Testin Facility

Each material is thoroughly tested and screened before being listed. The only one of its kind in Europe, the Lesquin Testing Center has for the last ten years verified and validated all of our equipment available for rent, including new equipment listings, manufacturer modifications on existing products, and even samples. All of this testing is done under real life conditions with the objective of ensuring the highest quality in all of our materials.

The Lesquin Testing Facility focuses on four types of analysis:

  • Compliance with safety standards
  • Testing and performance measurement
  • Compliance with defined specifications
  • Total Cost of Ownership Analysis (TCO)

To ensure optimum use and maintenance, technical data and tip sheets, as well as maintenance sheets, are provided on the supplier’s instructions. This type of analyses further allows us to identify the spare parts that are most commonly used.

Kiloutou’s expertise and advice are also sought after by suppliers to co-develop new products. Kiloutou has developed over the years a perfect mastery of the very rough uses of the rental market.

A Specific Maintenance Program

To ensure a longer service life for its equipment fleet, Kiloutou has developed its own maintenance program, specific to the needs of the rental market and combining a suitable control rate along with conditional preventative maintenance routines:

  • New tools and technologies make it possible to carry out maintenance at the right moment and on the right machines
  • A time-sensitive routine that responds to hourly volume indicators and makes use of low-use periods
  • Detection of anomalies through annual analyses

Our maintenance system has also made it possible to reduce the consumption of batteries and hydraulic oils, and consequently, to improve Kiloutou’s environmental impact. The Group also favors materials that have less impact on the environment, such as electric, hybrid or bioenergy options which offer the same performance with supplementary qualities, such as containment properties or noise control. A similar logic is applied to expendable supplies such as benzene-free fuel containers, recycled insulation materials, and pesticide-free week killers.

Kiloutou has undertaken all of this collaborative background work along with is suppliers with the objective of reducing operating costs, improving the environmental impact and improving working conditions.