The teams were very pleased to see Kiloutou’s proactive commitment to their safety. It is a true recognition of the dangers and risks associated with the use and handling of diverse materials. We were able to raise our team members’ awareness about this issue and to implement safety-first practices. Safety- first is a real responsibility for yourself, for your team, and the customers and suppliers who work with us.


In this way, we have succeeded in the first step to start the change in our corporate culture. The Five-Axis Methodology, being currently tested, will be deployed throughout the network by 2018. The fight continues to reduce the spiral of near-incidents and to stop all accidents at work.”


Lionel Wallet, Network Director


Safety matters! Prevention is a precondition for Kiloutou’s activities. This is why we work to make construction practices safer. Safety begins with the agencies, through adequate training and awareness-raising activities for all employees. Taking care of each other is at the heart of prevention. A Kiloutou technician is proactive in safety, as well as that of his teammates and his clients.

The Group’s commitment also extends to users through the dissemination and sharing of information on Wikimat, a collaborative platform, on its YouTube channel, and through many other awareness-raising events and activities.

The Five Axis of Methodology

Kiloutou understands that, in order for the implemented safety measures to have real impact, team members need to change their behavior. With this in mind, starting in 2016 the specialized firm Triadis has guided the Kiloutou Group’s safety-first efforts through the Five Axis Methodology:

  • Managerial Practices
  • Risk Analysis
  • Feedback
  • Communication
  • Training activities

In the first six months, two groups of agencies (Lorraine Nord and Loire) piloted the methodology and were able to measure the changes observed. Constant feedback allowed them to collect crucial information as well as to identify opportunities for improvement. The pilot will be extended in 2017 to two other regions before it is launched to the entire network.

Our MASE-Certified Agencies

In 2014, Kiloutou partnered with a MASE-certified firm (Manual for the Improvement of Safety in Enterprises) to create a Safety Certification. Since then, two agencies have already been certified: Fos-sur-Mer and Codekerque-Branche.

Kiloutou continues to implement the MASE certification process, as a reflection of the company’s desire to continue to improve safety processes that benefit all of its personnel, whether it is at an agency or on the construction site.

The QSK Audit

Guaranteeing the proper use of our equipment starts by ensuring it is delivered in good condition, meets safety conditions, and is up to the client’s needs. To ensure this, Kiloutou conducts regular checks of its equipment according to the Kiloutou Quality and Security (QSK) Audit.

The Partner Professional Organization


IRIS-ST, a company focused on health and safety issues for the construction industry, develops innovative solutions and tools tailored to the specific needs of businesses.  IRIS-ST and Kiloutou have partnered to work to prevent risks to customers of the brand.


  • IRIS-ST is a regular contributor to Wikimat, the collaborative online platform that provides members with health and safety expertise
  • IRIS-ST and Kiloutou carry out equipment selection that prioritizes safety and improves working conditions on the construction sites. The selected equipment can be found in the Kiloutou catalogue under the prevention label.


The Professional Prevention Organism in Building and Public Works (OPBBTP) leads a general interest mission based on three main axes:

  • Mobilizing enterprises to create a culture of prevention
  • Reducing the number of serious and fatal accidents
  • Addressing the challenges to working conditions as well as finding opportunities for improvement

Kiloutou also works to publicize communication plans within the agencies and on their websites. For example, the national campaign to prevent accidents related to falls from a height or campaign to prevent injuries caused by unsafe postures at work.



In 2017, Kiloutou joined the International Powered Access Federation whose main objective it is to promote the safe and effective use of powered access equipment. This international organization plays a major role in the advancement of a large number of design, security, and testing procedures.