This past decade, Kiloutou has tripled its revenue and grown into four new countries. We are growing because we are riding a solid, lasting trend towards the sharing economy. »


Finance Director, France

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Employee shareholding has been embedded in our company’s DNA since its inception. It’s all about sharing the benefits of our growth: it’s only right that some of the value should circle back to the people who help to create it. »


GM Development and International

Our ambition

Play a meaningful role and establish a lasting presence in the community ecosystem


A recruitment strategy that favours the surrounding area and aims to provide permanent jobs for as many employees as possible.


A diversified and agile range of products and services designed for partners, and suited to companies of all sizes as well as local authorities; agencies that take part in community life and get involved in local non-profits.


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Promote a results-oriented culture

Our overarching guideline is to ensure that our shareholders and partners see their investment grow. This results-oriented culture is entrenched in our vision.

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Ethics and responsibility

Everything we do is ethically irreproachable. This responsibility is a sine-qua-non for our shareholders and builds trust among our partners.

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Take action in communities

An agency fuels its local economy. But it does more than that: Kiloutou is also involved in its local community and society.

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Promote integration locally

Kiloutou’s commitment leads it to provide job opportunities for students and youths from priority neighbourhoods.

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Build ties with communities

Working with non-profits is one way we get involved and make a difference in communities.


Agility, solidity, challenges, sharing and openness are the five key notions at the core of our pledge for partners and communities.

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We adapt to each of our host geographies, to act as positively and as respectfully as possible.

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We take initiatives for the long term because that is how we establish a lasting presence in communities and help to build the world of tomorrow.

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We work to grow our shareholders’ investment by combining our fighting spirit and uncompromising ethical stance.

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We believe sharing the benefits of our success with our team members, our partners and the communities we work in.

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Our agency doors are open to everyone who wants to learn more about our universe and what we do – with a smile.