Sustainability today is inseparable from value creation and economic performance at Kiloutou. »


Chief Financial Officer

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In 2021, we will plot out our new environmental roadmap, providing us with our trajectory to shrink our carbon footprint looking at 2030. »


Operations Director, France

Our ambition

Protect the environment to the maximum possible extent from the effects of our business activity


A strategy aimed at shrinking our environmental footprint across our business activities.


A product range designed to share resources and use ever more environmentally-responsible equipment.


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Comply with environmental legislation

Every journey towards sustainable development starts with compliance with environmental standards and regulations.

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Promote a more circular economy with long-lasting equipment

Our business model based on equipment and machinery rental contributes to protecting the environment by encouraging the sharing of existing resources.

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Offer ever more eco-responsible solutions

In partnership with our suppliers, we provide a choice of services that bring our customers efficient and effective solutions that concurrently help them cut back their own ecological impacts.

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Manage and shrink our environmental impact

Our eco-responsible approach applies just as much to all our in-house practices, ranging from our waste management to our power consumption.

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Raise our stakeholders’ awareness of environmental issues

To change habits and transition towards more eco-responsible behaviour patterns, everyone needs to understand the issues and be on board.


Action, transparency, innovation, anticipation and awareness are the five key notions at the core of our environmental pledge.

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We take action collectively for the environment and climate, throughout the year, with down-to-earth measures.

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We disclose our actual environmental impact to our customers, partners and the general public.

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We work with our partners to develop pioneering, environmentally-friendly solutions for cleaner construction sites, and to help our customers on their journey towards greater eco-responsibility.

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We work day after day to reduce our environmental impact by proactively devising new solutions instead of waiting until regulation requires us to do so.

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We take part in efforts to raise awareness of environmental challenges and are involved in several influential networks championing this cause.