We bridge the gap between our customers and startups: we carry pioneering solutions that help to improve performance, occupational safety and environmental impacts. »


Sales Director, France

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What puts us in a different class is that we step over and above regulatory requirements to upgrade safety on the equipment we supply. »

François RENAULT

Group Materials Director

OUR ambition

Treat customers to an unrivalled experience to make their life easier, help them reach their goals and keep them coming back.


Follow customers individually and know all about the issues they are dealing with, to meet their needs as best we can.


A wide array of services and equipment to support them on all their projects while addressing their safety-related and environmental concerns.


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An experience tailored to our customers’ needs

No two customers are alike. That’s why we take our time to get to know their habits and preferences, and to tailor our solutions to them.

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Supply reliable and safe equipment

Our equipment tests and checks, and our preventive maintenance programme, enable us to offer our customers high-quality, dependable equipment that mirrors our commitment to excellence.

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Build strong, lasting ties with our customers and suppliers

Our passion for customer service goes hand in hand with trust-based relationships. And this also applies to our suppliers. We want to invest in the long term and create solid, enduring ties with all our partners.

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Treat customers to a smooth, efficient experience

Our omnichannel operation puts our services and equipment at our customers’ fingertips anywhere and anytime. Our customers don’t need to go through one of our agencies whenever they need something: they can manage their own projects by themselves, and efficiently.

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Be available and listening to each of our customers

If needed, our team members are available to promptly fix any problems and help our customers out. We do everything within our reach to solve their problem as swiftly as possible.


Closeness, efficiency, responsibility, innovation and ethics are the five key notions at the core of our pledge to our customers.

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We build close, trust-based relationships with each of our customers, through a dedicated correspondent who works with them one on one and gains an in-depth understanding of the issues they are facing.

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We guarantee that our customers can count on us for reliable solutions and ever more efficient technical support.

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We are helping to build a more responsible world by promoting a circular economy model and supplying ever more environmentally-conscious equipment.

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We develop pioneering technologies to support our customers on their projects, while ensuring their employees are safe and work comfortably and efficiently.

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We are determined to uproot any form of undue deference and to treat all our partners fairly.