Our corporate culture focuses equally, and symmetrically, on our customers and our team members. »


Group Human Resources Director

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To embed safety in our corporate culture for the long run, we have appointed a Health and Safety team that includes coordinators who cascade this policy in each region. Our agencies have embarked on a continuous improvement drive, using tools to support operations (on-site health, safety and environment inspections), monthly safety-related talks and accident analysis. »


Network Director

Our ambition

Build the best employee experience to boost customer satisfaction.


HR policy that fosters recruitment, integration, loyalty, professional skill development and pride in belonging.


Symmetric care that encourages employees to sharpen their professional skills and treat customers to a superior experience.


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A strong and human corporate culture

The experience we provide day after day for the women and men working in the company goes a long way towards shaping Kiloutou’s soul and personality.

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Recruit and develop the industry sector

We share our passion for our rental business by recruiting and training people to serve the rental sector and its expansion across the board.

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Coach our team members to build their skills

Each team member’s individual progress is aimed at meeting our high standards and driving our continuous progress for our customers.
It also boosts our people’s confidence and pride.

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Respect diversity

Cultural, ethnic and social diversity throughout our teams is one of our company’s hallmarks. We see it as an asset and a factor in achieving progress. Our goal is to mirror diversity in our society.

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A bold health and safety policy

Our team members’ health and safety is a constant concern at Kiloutou. We strive to nurture our safety culture and promote best practices on the ground.


Empowerment, cooperation, development, camaraderie and solidarity are the five key notions at the core of our pledge to our team members.

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We believe in empowering our team members. Our decentralised organisation encourages individual and local initiatives that contribute to the Group’s overall performance.

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We encourage cooperative working methods and believe in building solutions together, so that everyone can have their say and find their place.

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We coach our team members through training. Our international expansion aims to provide opportunities to grow within the Group, broaden horizons and tackle new challenges.

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We provide caring and stimulating working environments, and believe in direct, human and friendly interaction instead of hierarchical ties.

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We support our most vulnerable team members with social workers and organising campaigns enabling employees to donate days of paid leave.